Med.I.S. is an integrated computerized information system designed for medical institutions and covering the operation of all the links of the institution and allowing not only for efficient solution of institution administration, laboratory management, and medical data collection tasks but also standardization and automation of all the processes taking place in the health institution.

This system is a result of diligent and careful work that took over ten years by cooperating with the specialists of the majority of medical institutions and it is currently used by around forty heath care institutions in Lithuania.

Med.I.S. is a particularly flexible solution which can be easily adapted to individual customer needs. This system is constantly being development to adapt it to the today’s needs of healthcare institutions and to make it more convenient for users and more helpful for specialists in their day-to-day work.

Med.I.S. is intended for medical institutions of various sizes from those employing only a few doctors to those who have several hundreds of job positions and provide services to hundred thousands of patients. Currently, the system is used by over forty Lithuanian healthcare institutions of different type and size (Clients). 

Benefits offered by Med.I.S. to your institution  

  • standardizes and automates the internal operation processes;
  • optimizes the use of the resources in healthcare institutions;
  • harmonizes the operation of all the links of a healthcare institution;
  • reduces patient service costs;
  • ensures high quality of patient service.

Advantage of Med.I.S

  • an integrated system;
  • real-time operation mode;
  • flexible module structure easily adaptable to individual needs;
  • user-friendly and ergonomic desktop environment;
  • constantly updated based on the provisions of the documents governing the activities of healthcare institutions;
  • integrated with the information system of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF);
  • fully automated cycle of electronic record keeping of the NHIF forms.