Personnel management system


The system helps to effectively manage, administer and account all information related to the personnel of the medical institution. The main user of the system is the administration of the medical institution.


  • managing personal files (personal data, information about leave periods, information about job position held and salary, their history, etc.);
  • option of placing various documents in personal files;
  • various statistical reports;
  • keeping of records on employment;
  • work time sheets management;
  • automatic work schedule management and transference of times to the work time sheet;
  • automatic record keeping of employees’ leaves and visual representation of leave plans;
  • calculation of basic salaries using the weighted coefficient method;
  • flexible administration of the rights of users and user groups;
  • printing of various forms and documents (orders, agreements, applications, etc.) using pre-designed templates. The medical institution may itself prepare templates of new forms based on its needs or to adjust the existing ones.

The personnel management system has features that are exclusively suited to medical institutions. It enables keeping of records on resident physicians, keeping of records on doctor’s licenses and qualification improvement certificates, keeping of records on doctors’ specialties and creation of an annual report on the personnel of the medical institution No. 3. A particularly flexible work time accounting mechanism has been created required for the operation of a medical institution (accounting of duty times, substitutions or cases when the employee’s daily working hours fall into two intervals).

The personnel management system may be purchased as a separate institution personnel management system or as a part of the Med.I.S. medicine information system.The data contained in the personnel managemnet system are linked to the information stored in the Med.I.S. system. Data entered in any of the systems is immediately synchronized and can be accessed both from any module of the Med.I.S. system or from the personnel management system.